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Mission & Vision of LOLA


The Mission of the Lions Online Academy is to provide the best possible cyber education and opportunities in a supportive environment in order to equip students to successfully meet the diverse needs of individual learners in the 21st Century and beyond.


As all Lions Online Academy students progress through the educational experience they will

  • leave the middle school with the increased academic skills along with the social and emotional maturity to deal with the many opportunities available in the high school and online curriculum.
  • graduate from the New Brighton Area School District with the 21st Century skills and knowledge for a successful and fulfilling life.
  • graduate from the New Brighton Area School District with a plan for their future that reflects their interests and aptitudes.
  • graduate from the New Brighton Area School District with a ability to pursue individual future endeavors.

Shared Values:

  • We, in the Lions Online Academy, believe in the following:

  • All students can learn.
  • Learning is a life-long process.
  • Every student's learning is a unique and personal experience that offers diverse challenges and opportunities.
  • Learning is a cooperative responsibility shared by family, community, students, and school.
  • Instruction should be provided in a safe and supportive environment for individual students needs by highly qualified teachers.
  • Through modeling and mentoring, we help students become positive and productive individuals.
  • Students learn responsibility by relating actions to outcomes.
  • Every person deserves the best possible education, opportunities, and resources.
  • Students learn to transfer skills to real-life situations.
  • Social/Personal maturation is developed through well-rounded academic and extra- curricular programs.

Why Lions Online Academy?

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Guidance
  • Hybrid
  • Face to face tutorials with the teachers can be arranged
  • Curricular Adaptations

Types of students eligible for LOLA

Blended student is one who combines a course schedule of both traditional classroom and online classes. Has a typical attendance day of 7:30-2:20.

Hybrid student is one who combines a course schedule of both traditional classroom and online classes but does not work online at school in LOLA lab on regular basis. Attendance is kept through progress and log in date/time stamps. This individualized time frame accommodates a.m. or p.m. physical and/or emotional needs.

Cyber student is one who is enrolled exclusively in online classes to fulfill graduation credit requirements. This classification may include hybrid students who report to the LOLA lab to work at designated times or days.

Recovery program proposed for 9th Grade Academy 09-10 will use LOLA courseware. Each report period, students who fail in a core class will take failed curricular components concurrent with the next marking period work. This work can earn a maximum of 80%, to be averaged with the failing grade to change report card to 70% minimum passing grade.

Remediation program uses LOLA software to re-teach key components of curriculum in an 8 week "summer school" class.

Identification of LOLA students

Transcripts pulled for every junior/senior. Each is reviewed to see if on track for appropriate minimum grade level expectations as set in student handbook. Flagged transcripts include failed undergraduate classes, transfers from other schools, Vo-tech. Students with missing credits are reviewed by LOLA Coordinator and Guidance Counselors to change schedule and enroll if possible in classroom. When constraints disallow traditional scheduling, then students are enrolled in LOLA course.

Other categories for consideration for LOLA identification and admission include:

IEP; Homebound; 504; Alt Ed return and/or transitional placement; school refusal or extended absences; SAP.

Support for LOLA students

LOLA students are removed from study halls to designated support lab manned by LOLA duty teacher who coaches student to complete work at designated intervals. This model provides greater success than independent work done outside of tutorial lab.

Equipment provided on an "as needed" basis, determined by LOLA staff

Reimbursement for internet available on Superintendent approved basis; maybe for economic or graduation track decision.

Lions take PRIDE in ONLINE Learning!