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Superintendent's Office
Dr. Joseph Guarino, Superintendent
724-843-1795 ext 4
Mrs. Lorie Foster
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
724-843-1795 ext 409
Special Education & Curriculum Office
Mr. Gabriel Engel, Director of Student Services
Phone: 724-843-1795 ext 4
Mrs. Dawn Ackerman                                            Mrs. Renee Scobie
Assistant for Special Education                               Assistant for Curriculum
       Phone: 724-843-1795 ext 346                            Phone: 724-843-1795 ext 405
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Business Office
Ms. Marydenise Feroce, Business Manager
724-843-1795 ext 404
Mrs. Karen Mooney
724-843-1795 ext 407
Mrs. Becky Zmok
724-843-1795 ext 406
Technology Department
 Mr. Eric Guthrie, Network Administrator
Phone: 724-843-1795 ext 309 
Mr. Broc Atkinson, PC Technician
Phone: 724-843-1795 ext 509 
Mr. James Bobin, Director of Facilities
Phone: 724-843-1795 ext 410
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Athletic Office
Mr. Joe Ursida , Athletic Director
Mrs. Renee Scobie, Secretary
Food Service
Ms. Jocelyn Haskins, Food Service Director