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McKinney Homeless Act - Public Law 103-382 Subtitle B Education for Homeless Children and Youth, Sec. 722(d) (2) The main goal of the Children's Initiative is "to provide activities and services for such homeless children including preschool-aged children, and homeless youth that enable these children to enroll in, attend and succeed in school or if appropriate, preschool." Guidelines from U.S. Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Education for Homeless Children and Youth State Plan has this homeless definition: Children living with parent in a domestic violence shelter; individuals and/or families living with relatives or friends due to lack of housing; run-away children and children and youth who have been abandoned or forced out of their home by parents or other caretakers; children of migrant families who lack adequate housing; and school-age unwed mothers or expectant mothers living in houses for unwed mothers if they have no other available living accommodations. If you have any questions regarding any of the programs and services described or are interested in becoming a surrogate parent, please contact Mr. Gabriel Engel, Director of Student Services at 724-843-1795 Extension 403.