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Guidance & Social Work Services

New Brighton Area Middle School is staffed with a Masters level Home and School Visitor/Social Worker and a Masters Level Guidance Counselor.  The function of the Home and School Visitor is to work as a liaison between students, parents, community agencies, and educators. As professionals, they work to identify a student's social, emotional, or medical problem(s). They work to help improve the student's situation and/or concerns, enabling the student to better function in social and educational environments. The School Social Workers provide group and individual counseling and make referrals to appropriate community agencies when needed.  The Guidance Counselor is available to work with students on social needs, academic strengths and concerns, and be a liaison between parents and the academic pursuits of their child.  

The role and function of the Home and School Visitor in working with students, families, schools, and community organizations include:

  • Child Advocacy
  • Case Management and Record Keeping
  • Assessment, Diagnosis, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Termination
  • Interviewing and Communicating with Groups and Individuals
  • Counseling Services
  • Consultation and Collaboration with School Personnel and Community Services
  • Prevention and Intervention in Social and Educational Problems

The Social Worker at NBMS is Mrs. Kristen Antoline and the Guidance Counselor is Mrs. Donna Householder.